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There are 16 lakes and 7 ponds with a total of 736 acres scattered throughout the development. Some of the larger lakes are connected to form a chain of lakes stretching approximately 5 miles long.

The Main Canadian Lake (240 acres) and connecting West Canadian Lake (100 acres) are all-sport lakes; supporting motor boating, water skiing, and jet skis. Other lakes are no wake lakes, have motor size restrictions, or are available only for non-motorized uses. The all-sport lakes have restricted hours, with quiet time observed from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. everyday, and all day on Thursday for fishing.

Fishing is a highly valued activity at Canadian Lakes. There is an active Fishing Club, Dale Doepker, 231-972-8663, which sponsors events throughout the year.

Only member owned motorized watercraft is allowed on our lakes. All such watercraft must be registered with the CLPOC office and have an identifying sticker attached before putting them in the water. A maximum of two motorized watercraft per lot/membership are allowed.

Shoreline docking is available for off-water lot owners. There are several marinas as well as designated shoreline docking available by annual reservation through the CLPOC office.

Boat launches:

W. Royal Road near the CLPOC Office (Main Canadian Lake and chain of lakes)

Belle Isle Drive near the Alpine Haus (Lake of the Clouds)

Clubhouse Drive East at Lake Laura Beach

During the boating season, safety on our lakes is monitored by the Marine Patrol. Michigan State Department of Natural Resources officers also patrol our lakes. Fishing licenses are required, and all state fishing and boating laws apply on our lakes.

There are numerous large beaches for community use located throughout the development.

Canadian Lakes is a member of the Michigan Lakes & Streams Association. We participate in a statewide Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program. A comprehensive Aquatic Management Program is in place to collect data, control weeds, enhance the fishery, monitor water quality, tackle invasive species, and educate members.

Canadian Lakes-Canadian Lakes, MI